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Gunonline.com is a Free gun listing site.


If this SELL GUNS or other site documentation does not tell you what you want to know, please CONTACT US.


It is not difficult to sell your gun on Gunonline.com. There are a few facts to know, and  since this is a free site, please create TEST listings at well, you can just delete them or edit them. We even have an option to save as drafts etc.

First you will need to chose what type of listing you think will work best for you.

  • Auction:
  • Fixed Price:
  • Classified:

The easiest option is Classified, but it only offers e-mail and Public Questions & Answers per listing in the way of system support. A little better than a newspaper, with anonymous email. 

The Fixed Price listing offers many system processes to help you sell, in addition to e-mail, we have Buy Now, Offers, Seller and Buyer Feedback system and a Public Questions and Answers per listing system. This is our most popular listing type.

Lastly we have Auctions, they are for both those buyers and sellers looking for the best deal. Depending on which you are, there is some skill involved. Since we are a relatively new site, no Auction should be generated without a Reserve. When we have grown, there will be more opportunities for Buyers and Sellers with Auctions. Auction automatically relist 10 times. There are also many support options. Again other than the system e-mail, we have Buy Now, Offers, Proxy Bidding, Seller and Buyer feedback along with the Public Questions & Answers per listing. It is expected that FFL dealers and others with volume requirements will be interested in Auctions.

When creating a listing to sell, please read the listing creation forms very closely and please respond with only legal and correct information. You may not list your gun or other items in a different State/Region than you actually live, and all your listings must be for the same State/Region.

You of course have the option to ship Interstate via an FFL for pickup by your customer. Buyers, you will need to provide your seller with your chosen FFL. This site offers some help to find an FFL if you do not currently deal with one. Federal Law requires all Interstate gun transfers to be accomplished by an FFL dealer. Some States allow private local transfers without the use of an FFL. While Federal law allows this for all States, you must still obey your State laws. The site, and this page offers a link to all the questions you might have about guns sales and transfers directly from the ATF.

Please be safe and legal!


Please check back soon!

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HOW Gunonline.com WORKS

Your free Gun Listing Site! No required Buyer or Seller Fees

  1. 1. We strive to be your Number ONE for Online Gun Selling & Buying!

    Shop new and used firearms, magazines, ammo, optics and & more while we ensure you have the perfect online gun buying or selling experience!

  2. 2. Let Gunonline.com help you Sell or Buy now!

    Seller and Buyer coordinated FFL transfer approvals, shipping, and tracking--
    the Gunonline.com system supports all common sell and buy options. 

    Options: Auction listings with bidding, Fixed Price with Buy Now and Offers, Classified Listings, all with e-mail, review public questions/answers per listing and Buyer/Seller Feedback. 

  3. 3. Pick up your guns locally- other products shipped direct to you!

    Gunonline.com sellers will ship to your chosen Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) gun store for firearms pickup. For products other than guns, they will delivered directly to your shipping address where state and local regulations allow.