About Us

Armory.Auction LLC was founded in 2018 and planned to open our doors January 1, 2019, but we made the Holiday Season (Yea!). Our basic idea was to create a listing website to help USA firearms and related militaria collectors,("Antique Firearms" and "Curios & Relics" Firearms per ATF), find the items that really interest them the most.

The function and focus of Armory Auctions has evolved during the development of our internet sales platform, and as we changed our scope which has have allowed us to extend our reach globally and support the collector when he or she also has non-collector weapons listing needs.

Initially we hosted our website as www.Armory.Auction, but late in the year it became apparent that the AUCTION domain would be difficult to grow with the speed we desired. As a consequence we decided to change our operational name and domain to GUNONLINE.COM

Current examples of GUNONLINE.COM listed collections include, but are not limited to US World War I and II military collectibles such as:

Many 1903 Springfield Rifles of various models, 
Many US and French Military Trainers,
Russian Mosin-Nagants,
M1917 USA Rifle,
Various hand guns,
barrels, stocks, bolts and other weapon parts and all their other accessories and related items and many MORE!

We do not exclude nonmilitary collectibles or even firearms of any kind, we just focus on supporting collectors and their unique search and desire to manage their collections for a reasonable price. 
We utilize multiple internet sales processes such as Auctions, Classified Listings and Fix-Price (Multi -List) postings. We serve all states and support listing sells internationally. (See all our governance documents before you list with us!)

We pride ourselves on being the new lowest price listing service, and the simplest to use.
If you need to buy or sell collectible firearms or any firearm in your legal possession, then this is the place for you.

If you’re a big collector clearing house, or other seller that could benefit from a “Premium” seller account, then we can also support you here at GUNONLINE.COM


  • Creating an account is free for everybody!
  • Buyers do not pay any fees.
  • Classified Listings are 100% free, you should still review the Seller Fees Page
  • Auction and Fixed Price Sellers, please see our listing/fees page.Seller Fees
  • Premium Sellers can process their sales with their CC gateway via Instant Checkout.
  • Registered users have access to our 800# and direct e-mail for support, see account summary.

See governance documents.


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